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Welcome to KD Technologies!

About Us: KD Technologies was originally founded in June of 2010 in Honolulu, Hawaii by Kyle DeGood at the age of 12. With a military lifestyle, KD Technologies has been relocated countless times and been through various industries throughout its lifetime. However, our values of Quality, Customer Service, and Customization have always been the core of our company. Now residing in Hampton Roads, Virginia, KD Technologies specializes in the ultimate customization for mobile accessories. 

About Our Products: We've spent years working with our friends in the UK to bring you the ultimate phone case experience with the best possible protection while being sleek, light, and having the best print on the back! We believe your phone case should be an expression of you! With our online case designer, you can design your own phone case using any image and/or design! Can't think of an image you want? Explore our artwork collections from our local and international artists, new and old for a perfect design that we're sure you'll love! After years of experience under our belt, we are confident we have developed the ultimate phone case! Don't believe us? Order one and find out for yourself!

Our Philosophy: We truly believe business can be a fun, creative, and exciting environment! Business also doesn't have to be scary, and should truly be about the customer. We believe in delivering a truly iconic and unrivaled experience to every customer. With our product quality, fast shipping, and industry-changing customer service, we want to revolutionize the industry, one case at a time.